Best approach for UPSC Prelims preparation

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In the changing times and cut throat competition there is a nececity of smart and selective study. One can cover the whole syllabus but cannot study all the resources available in the market. There is lots of information available in the internet today but one should know the art of selection and rejection. Choose any one path and follow it till the exam date, switching over multiple plans cannot work.

So lets talk about the full proof plan to crack UPSC Prelims.


First thing to do for UPSC preparation is to have a syllabus. Read the syllabus thoroughly and try to remember it. It will help you to connect with the articles you will read in the future.

Always try to carry the prinit out, original copy or soft copy of UPSC syllabus with you.

You can get soft copy of syllabus from vaious websites.

Previous Year Question Bank

Before jump to the notes and text books one should have a look to the the previous year papers. It will help you to know the level of examination and power of elimination. Whenever you encounter any article in newspaper or magazine you can now idenify whether it is useful or not.

Its a very powerful technique and you should have this for sure.

You can purchase it from Amazon:

You can get this from Exam Decoder Android App (


Reading newspaper should be a habit for a UPSC aspirant but one must know what to read and what to avoid. After having syallbus and previous year papers you must be aware by now that which article is important for UPSC and which one is just timepass. Either make a note out of the newspaper or jsut follow any one of the Daily newspaper analysis portal or app.

Reading the editorial page is must it will enahace your thinking capability and you will also come to know about the different views.


Most of the questions asked in the Prelims are revolves around the current affaris and NCERT books. You must read all the NCERT from class 8 to 12. Particularly the History, Geography, Science(8, 9 , 10), Polity, History(TN board). Make notes of NCERT and revise it regularly.

After having all this join any test series and you will be able to perform well. There is nothing much required for the UPSC prelims. Prelims is all about the blend of basic fundamental general knowledge and current affaris.

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